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Self Promotion in an age of

Catastrophic consequences

  We have all seen the bus stop bench billboards offering real estate services to pretty smiles compliments of an enterprising dentist. Would you as a physician purchase space on one of those billboards to promote you to someone wanting to hire you?

Of course not! But each time you list with a web based job listing service you are engaged in exactly the same behavior but infinitely more damaging to your reputation and career choices.

  Do you remember stopping at a service station on Route 66 or any other highway in this great United States and carefully navigating the restroom without contracting some new nasty virus, reading the graffiti naughty or nice about some local person {or not} scribbled on the wall.

  Well the internet has now elevated that obscure road side scrawl into a world wide case of defamation with the simple click of a camera phone uploading to a private or public web site.

  So why are you so content to promote your entire professional background or even snippets about yourself on sites named Monster, career destroyers etc…

We have spent a great deal of blood, sweat and tears to arrive at our current threshold in life. We are professionals who save lives, work hard, are pressed to take the road less traveled and are now subjected to additional competition and the potential for adjusted incomes in our professional careers.

  Some of us are saddled with an enormous debt load from the years of accumulated loans required to finance our education. Others of us have divorced lost a spouse or significant other due to our heavy professional schedules or to the normal ebb and flow of life and death!

  We are individuals trained as educating and life saving {giving} professionals. We bring a unique perspective that can enhance morale within and outside our work environment and ultimately prosperity to our employer and us too!

  We work well with others, trained as team players. We appreciate the fragility of the human condition both mental and physical.

  Some of our patients live with chronic pain others are terminal. No other professional retains the perspective of life and death that we do.

  We are more than a promotional link on some generic web site. We are physicians!

  We should behave accordingly!


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