A Valentine’s Card you can keep!

Will it take a meteor from outer space to convince you that people want to impersonate you and that’s not a good thing.

Yesterday morning we received an email allegedly from one of our long time client physicians.

She was robbed of her wallet including credit cards Drivers license, phone and cash in a park in London. She had No cash and couldn’t clear her bill with the hotel.

Of course the email was a hoax, but what wasn’t funny is how. Someone penetrated her blackberry through AT&T

accessed her Facebook home page and emailed All of her friends utitlizing both her blackberry and facebook accounts. She was inundated with call from 5:30 in the morning with people asking if she was okay She had already called the Police, AT&T and anyone else who she thought could be helpful but weren’t very accommodating.

 We were the first to instruct her how to fix the problem.  Yes you’re a target of predatory recruiters, drug addicts,

extortionist and of course doctor groupies who can quickly devolve into stalkers. Don’t let a relationship gone

bad or a bad decision stall your career

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If you can’t hide it paint it red………


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