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  30 years of service to physicians...


Notice to our clients and prospective clients:

Physicians in the United States retain great prestigous in the practice of such a nobel profession... and yes doctor groupies exist who seek to affiliate with both our male and female clients.

  Sometimes they subject our site to hacking attacks in attempts to penetrate and gain access to names,

phone numbers and email addresses. Of course we don't store vital information on a registration home page.

In some cases persons will seek to impersonate or emulate doctors and attempt to sign up for the service

to gain access to our clients 

Your anonymity is very important to us and so in this day and age we must absord the rants of frustrated

groupies who will post against this site and others who seek access to our base of clients. It is a small price to pay to meet such great professionals. As they say in the business it comes with the territory.

So ... Rock on! and Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you!

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