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the case for agent representation!

Remember the queen who was called into scandal and since the king was the judge an independent knight of his own free will arrived just in time in front of the entire village, hamlet or town to vindicate the queen in a joust. Both knights having been dislodged from their horses now engaged in mortal combat on the ground with the vindicating knight gaining the upper hand the tip of the sword pressed against the flesh of the offender and with the threat of death the disabled knight recants his accusations by proclaiming: ďThe Queen is innocentĒ

Most of us had not experienced such drama but do we remember how we felt when someone championed us in front of our adversaries, a group gathered informally for a picnic or at a formal awards dinner and presentation.

As physicians we provide incalculable selfless acts in our personal and professional lives. We live by a simple oath and incorporate these words in virtually every action we engage in our professional lives.

So when the time has arrived to change employment or seek new opportunities how do we convey to the administrator or hiring authority of the position we seek who we are and why we are a perfect fit for their and our mutual advantage?

The answer is easy! We donít! We leave our promotion and advancement to another, a champion of us if you will.

Physicians rank in the upper 2% of all income earners in the United States. This coveted list includes professional athletes, actors and executives. However physicians remain for the most part the only upper income earners not to retain agents to assist them in career formation and advancement.

Representing oneself can be burdened with hidden costs that one can never fully appreciate if appropriate feedback is not provided. As an example letís look at a typical linear experience by and between the physician and the hiring entity


Physician applicant >_____________________________< Hiring Entity


In the aforementioned referenced example the communication flows back and forth, but not all relevant communication will be exchanged. Only communication promoting the advantages of each party to the other party will normally be promoted.


The physician for example may not be inclined to ask why the hiring entity has experienced turnover over the last few years, why the hiring entity is nearly insolvent or why the hiring entity did not pay performance bonuses last December and now suffers from a moral problem.


The physician will typically not ask about these and other relevant issues if he/she does not know of the existence of such concerns. Also interviewing in person will typically not yield deep insights into the practice or dysfunctional work environment as these blemishes can be masked for short periods of time.


Furthermore many physicians are concerned about presenting what they construe as negative information about themselves to a potential hiring entity. The results of the hiring entity finding out on their own can be damaging to the employment prospects of the physician candidate, but informing the hiring entity in an inappropriate manner can be equally devastating.


The simple solution is to allow someone else to present you and gather insight into your prospective employer all for your benefit!


A three party relationship offers immensely more dynamics than the linear relationship.

We can assign an abstract triangle to signify the communication by and between each of the participants.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Hiring Entity

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† < >



††††††††††††††††††† Agent <>___________________________<>Physician


In the aforementioned illustration the hiring entity retains open communication with both parties. However the dynamics of the relationship are greatly improved for the physician over the linear example.


In the pyramid or triangle configuration the agent provides communication gleaned directly or indirectly from the hiring entity directly to the physician; the physician is not motivated to communicate with the hiring entity unless authorized by the agent. Therefore the physician gains knowledge from a third party advocate {agent} and utilizes the agent to convey physician requirements, requests and deficiencies directly to the hiring entity.


The agent is more prepared from prior experience to play it straight and convey meaningful dialogue without emotion to the hiring entity thereby more likely than not preserving the opportunity for the physician client and candidate whatever the alleged physician deficiency.


The agent retains power in the negotiations by conveying directly to the hiring entity of the existence of other qualified opportunities generated by the agent on behalf of the physician. A great agent in contract negotiations will seek certain clauses in the contract language that will greatly enhance the earning potential of his or her client over the life of the contract.

The agent also serves as an advocate for their client, thereby informing the hiring entity of the many attributes, positive qualities and promoting the candidate over the dearth of other doctor applicants for this position an advantage in the interview cycle that is not available to a self represented candidate without the attached baggage of sounding self promoting or worse.

Ö and what happens after the hire if the new employer plays with your contract or worse forgets to honor certain provisions especially of the monetary type. Leave the resentment at home and call your agent!


Extend your dynamics for success by retaining an agent!

Your career and bank account will thank you! all rights reserved Copyright 1985-2010



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